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Landscape Outdoor Lighting Kits

Trees literally give life to the world, because without them, there would be no oxygen to breathe, and the soil would quickly erode in the wind and rain. As such, tree lighting is more than a science. It is an aesthetic discipline that showcases one of man’s most primal and perhaps first symbols of consciousness. Tree lighting with even the best landscaping lighting kits can never exactly be done the same way twice any more than two trees can ever exactly grow or look the same way. Residential Landscape Lighting and Design has composed this article on tree lighting as a general guideline, not a hard-fast rulebook on tree lights and landscape lighting kit installation. These recommendations are based on an average luminance of 10 foot candles and provide suggested wattages in landscape lighting kits to achieve what lighting designers call “moonlight effects”, or in layman’s terms, artificial light with the ambient, softer qualities of natural moonlight.

Residential Landscape Lighting and Design’s extensive selection of landscape lighting kits and accessories are designed with trees preeminently in mind. We seldom run across a municipality or business entities with no trees whatsoever on property. We have yet to find a homeowner with no trees in the yard, although we are sure there are a few out there somewhere. (For these people we recommend seedlings, as they can still be valued clients regardless). As such, almost every landscape tree lighting kit we provide contains a down lighting as well as up lighting components. Simply stated, these terms are merely directional in nature and do not refer to anything mysterious or technically complicated about landscape lighting kits themselves. Down Lighting means exactly what it says—shining light downward toward the ground, and up lighting means to shine the light upward. To effectively show all parts of a tree in the dead of night, one must combine these two lighting techniques so as to “wash” the tree in light. This allows viewers to clearly see the differentiation between leaves, branches, and the trunk regardless of viewing angle. Both sets of lights also have to be positioned in such a way as to illuminate the entirety of the tree’s canopy and not just the middle, vertical core.

Landscape lighting is often a very complex and highly tedious science that requires professional service organizations cross-trained in landscaping in addition to their expertise in lighting. Landscape lighting kits, however, allow private individuals the opportunity to become lighting designers in their own right, particularly when it comes to lighting their favorite trees in both front and back yards. Provided that one is physically fit enough to climb a tree, or to use environmentally safe tools that will not damage the tree, lighting and landscaping kits can transform a dark tree line along a fence or wall into an illuminated natural edifice of organic browns and living green. In the fall, the changing colors of leaves adds even more effect through Nature’s own hand, and even in the death of winter a well-lighted tree still speaks to the potential for new life in the Spring to come.

Just as light and life form a cycle of rebirth and life, so too does the choice and installation of a landscape lighting kit represent a cycle of design, aesthetic, and effect. With a little simple math, one can determine tree canopy size by multiplying the width and height of the tree in feet. Then, by assessing the density of foliage and using one’s own subjective judgment to determine exactly how much emulated moonlight will be desirable for that particular tree, choosing the appropriate landscape lighting kit simply becomes a matter of selecting from one of our lists in this category. RLLD has included a corresponding chart to help lighting designers and private individuals alike select the precise wattage level required for a tree of particular size and the necessary luminance to achieve optimal visibility according to one’s own outdoor decorative style and taste.

By: Kimberly Quang To learn more visit our landscape outdoor lighting kit section or read more about landscape outdoor lighting kits

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Security Guard Houses

One of the most important requirements for most modern businesses is the protection of their premises, and one simple way in which this goal can be reached is with the use of a number of security guard houses at key entry points so that traffic into and out of your workplace can be properly controlled and monitored. This control over who comes in and out will lead to a massive reduction in the exposure to criminal activity that your business faces, as well as providing a visual deterrent to any unsavory elements who may wish to get in.

Companies can offer a number of high quality security guard houses that are custom made to meet the exact needs of your business, and can be fully customized in order to fit in with the rest of your premises. The shelters are delivered in fully constructed form, and are ready to use immediately. They can be ordered with a range of different options such as air conditioning and electrical power, and this allows you to specify the kind of shelter that you need.

In order to protect your business, you need to protect your staff, and by choosing a high quality security guard house from a company, you will be able to achieve your goals.Depending on the level of security required and also the specific needs that you have for your business in setting up the protection for your premises, there are a number of different security guard houses to choose from. From smaller models designed for use as a shelter by the guard manning the gates through to much more complex security control centers from where staff will be able to monitor cameras and co ordinate all of their activities around the buildings. Making the right choice about which units you require is a difficult decision, however if you have planned through all of the different factors that may impact on the level of security you need, you should have a good idea about what your needs are in terms of the number and design of security guard houses that you should purchase.

Duraluminum 6’x4’ Trailer mounted Booth with Clear Anodized Aluminum finish, trailer mounted generator and swing door.Companies may offer a range of security guard houses that can be delivered to you in fully assembled and ready to use condition. The shelters come with a range of options that you can use to ensure that they meet the exact needs of your staff such as electricity supplies and other amenities. Thanks to high quality manufacturing processes, the components can all be put together at the factory to meet your order so that once the shelter arrives with you, it is immediately ready for use.

Only the highest quality components are used throughout the manufacturing process, so no matter which security guard house design or specification you choose, you can be sure that it is built to the highest possible standards and is designed to last. Sizes from relatively small 3’ x 4’ houses through to 8’ x 16’ are available, and these are built from aluminum with a range of different finishes available. In situations where there is additional risk to staff, bullet and explosion resistant designs are available, and this should be considered at the time of ordering.

In order to protect your business, you need to protect your staff, and by choosing a high quality security guard house from the right company, you will be able to achieve your goals.

By: Camille Howe @ for more information on modular buildings and installation or security guard houses

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Friday, 4 September 2009

How An Area Rug Can Transform Your Home Decor.

Some people seem to think that to transform their home and their decor they would need to do the whole house. They seem to believe that every wall needs to be changed and every colour needs to be adapted. This is simply not true; there are so many more things you could do to transform your home. So many things that can be adapted to any budget and that can be quick and easy to do.

Using an area rug in the home is a great starting point to really give your home the lift it needs. Area rugs are pieces of shaped material that will cover a certain part of your flooring within the home. Area rugs can be used anywhere in the home and can provide great decoration. You use the area rug to ‘dress’ your floors in your home to give the room a unique and interesting focus point. You could pick an area rug that is just one colour or you could go for one that has a multitude of colours within it.

Make sure though when you are choosing your area rug that it does compliment your existing decor within the home. The last thing you want is for the area rug to look completely out of place. You want the area rug to either be a focus point or for it to blend in with the other decor in that particular room.

Follow these simple rules and you too can have an area rug that lights up your home.

* Always get an area rug that matches the decor of the room where it will be. You have two basic choices here; either choose an area rug that becomes a focal point or choose one that blends with the existing decor.

* Always pay keen attention to what patterns you have on your furniture or your walls. If the patterns on your walls or other upholstery are quite dynamic you will need a calmer area rug. If you have a lot of patterns elsewhere don’t add more with your area rug. Do the reverse for bare and plain walls and upholstery; have an area rug that can bring some pattern to the room.

* Colour co-ordination is vital in any home decors; they don’t all have to be the same but they do have to at least go together. The same rule of thumb applies to your area rug; you don’t have to have it the same colour as the main walls in the room; but it does have to match. Why not choose a different shade of the colour that you already have on your walls?

* If you have a small room and you are worried that an area rug will make the room smaller; why not just use a lighter coloured shade and you will soon see how much difference the right kind of area rug can make to your room.

Many people have area rugs throughout their homes; they can be inexpensive and can be an easy way to make your house look like more like a home.

Author : Fifer Hansel writes about home decor and the best way to quickly and easily make a couple changes to turn around a room in your home, resulting in a fabulous look to your room. See how an area rugs can really change the look of your rooms Home Decor at Hansel admires this popular website and it's offerings, like this high quality sheepskin rug.

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Find Out Why You Need Bathroom Mirrors.

If you have been lamenting over adding mirrors to your bathroom, well this is your chance to read more about it and take action. It is not only the best thing you can do to heighten certain parts of your bathroom but acting on your decision can live you feeling over the moon and ready to improve other parts of your home.

After reading our article, you can impress your friends with the amazing amount of knowledge you have gained on this subject.It is a wonder how much we don't know about home improvement accessories. I hope this article will help you gain much needed information and then go out and make your home the best there is.

By adding the mirrors you can completely transform the look and feel of your bathroom and if you know how to position them, the results can be magical. For example, If you place them converse to each other, you can create an illusion of space, especially when combined with plenty of light. You can also create a traditional look or a contemporary look depending on what you are most comfortable with.

Let us review some of the vital aspects of bathroom mirrors to help you decide.

Before we go any further, you should know that, they can come in different sizes and have different formations. This is good for making a selection but can be confusing . These variations are meant to suit each particular bathroom no matter the color, shape or size. For example, you can find them in round shapes like the Malibu Mahogany Mirror, rectangular shapes like the Radiance Rectangular Mirror, oval shapes, or without frames like the Eleanor Frameless Mirror. There are also wood, adjustable, stainless, framed, glass, frosted and handicraft bathroom mirrors.

Furthermore, You also have to consider the manufacturers and their credibility. There are a lot of manufacturers around the globe and some sell on the net but the best bathroom mirror manufacturers include, Alno, Campagna Afina, Empire, Smedbo, Warmly Yours, Blomus, Steel Worx, Hewi, Whitehaus, Echelon Home, Wood Crafts, DeRose, Aurora Collection II, Bath20 and Allied Brass. You can find more manufacturers if you search for them online.

Make sure that a bathroom mirror should match the vanity otherwise it will create a not so great unbalanced look and in order to give a consistent look to the bathroom, use a matching mirror frame.

This process really looks confusing. Do not feel de-motivated, . Think about what you like. Sit down and try to think about what you want for a minute. It is all about what you love i.e. your taste, the bathroom features like color, style, type of mirror and size of the bathroom vanity.

In conclusion, you should consider a fog free mirror for your bathroom. By buying one of these you can still enjoy a mirrors reflection even when the bathroom is filled with fog. You may want a clear reflection of yourself immediately you are done with your bath or shower. The fog free accessory transmits warmth across the surface of the mirror to keep it steam-free and prevents condensation.

Author : Linda Nattalie, The author is an expert writer about bdecorative mirrors and frequently authors articles for a highly acclaimed decorative mirror site. Visit it now if you are looking.

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Monday, 24 August 2009

Replacing Your Cottage Or Vacation Chalet Hot Water Tank.

Water heaters at the lake or cottage have the ability to either spring a leak in the spring or almost it seems some of the time spontaneously. At your vacation spot the repair person or plumber may be rather inaccessible, costly or both. Have no fear or daunting. To replace a water heater is nowhere as difficult as it might appear.

To replace a leaky or broken water heater is not a difficult process. It boils down to two steps. First to remove the older piece of equipment. Next to install your new replacement water heater. Of course as well you will have to find a way to environmentally dispose of heater number one.

What are the steps? First of all we are assuming that in most cases you have a standard ac electric power water heater rather than a natural gas or propane one.

To start off turn off the ac electric power to your water heater. Turn off the power breaker on the control panel in your cottage or lake chalet. If you are unsure if the power is totally turned off you can either turn off the main breaker to the whole residence or if you have the knowledge or a friend with the equipment and knowledge use and electrical tester to check the wires coming into the heater for current. At the worst you can turn off the main breaker again.

Once you are certain (for sure) that there is no electric current whatsoever coming into the heater, then disconnect the wires that enter the heater. It never hurts to tag these wires on the old heater with colored tape or tags just in case you have to reverse your repair or need a model to refer to.

Similar to turning off the current to the water heater you now want to turn off the water coming into the water heater. Otherwise you will have a “flood”. As well it is very dangerous to work around electricity with loose water present. You have several choices.

You should easily find the tap for the input of water into the water heater. It will be the single cold water line in. Simply follow that cold water line that is flowing into the hot water heater. Not far along you will find a standard garden type water faucet. Close it (clockwise). Next to be on the absolutely safe side, shut off the main water tap that leads into your abode. It never hurts to play it safe and be redundant. Better safe than sorry.

You will have to drain the waste water from the water tank. You could leave it in.

However the water tank will be very very heavy and unwieldy to cart away. As well it will leak more come next spring, when it unthaws – wherever it is lying. Take a standard garden house, of proper length. Attach the end of the garden hose to the outflow of the water heater (close to the bottom and base of the tank), and drain the tank outside. The end outlet of the hose of course must be lower than the tank drain.

After the tank is empty and drained simply unscrew the water pipes of the hot water heater. To unscrew you will need a good strong wrench turned counter clockwise. The inlet pipe may be labeled “cold” and the outlet pipe “hot”.

Now all you have to do is “pull out” the heater. If you live in an earthquake prone regional location, you may find that your heater is “strapped in”. You will have to undo the straps. It is not unlike undoing a belt. However it may be heavier and may require the assistance of more than one person.

Now that your older, broken or leaking water heater is removed you will now have to do the reverse and install the newer device. It is basically the same procedure as removing the old one, only in reverse.

First the new water heater is placed in the same place as the first one. This is assuming that you do not want to change the location or plumbing. After all why make life more difficult than it need be.

Clean the pipes thoroughly before attaching them to the new water heater. A wire brush can do the trick easily.

Once you have the two pipes attached (cold one intake, hot one is output), you will need to fill up the tank with water. The trick is to empty the hot water of air at the same time as you fill it. Otherwise when the hot water is turned on, the air and water may gurgle out of the tap. Simply turn on both the water inlet tap (at the bottom of the tank) and at the same time run a hot water tap in a sink in your cottage or chalet. Just remember to turn off the tap when you are finished.

Lastly attach the electrical power wires to the tank. Just to make sure once more – check that the power breakers are in the off position. Ensure thoroughly that everything is dry in the area around the water heater. If you are unsure wait a day or so. With the breakers off and unpowered attach the electrical power cables to the water heater (exactly as they were before on the old tank). After that is done and checked turn on the breakers. It may take more than several hours to heat up the water fully, especially if the water is stone cold well water in the spring time.

You now have completed the procedure of replacing your electric water heater at your lake or cottage. Stand back and admire your handiwork. If you are leaving your retreat for a good time period, it might be a good idea to both turn off the water and power if you are going to be away for a good spell until your next return. Enjoy your retreat.

Author : Manitoba Chalet Hot Water Heater ReplacementManitoba Golf Course CareLake Manitoba Fishing Lodges

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Tips To Prepare For Your Move.

For many people, the thought of getting ready to move can induce stress and anxiety. However, moving doesn't have to be a chaotic, disorganized experience. By planning ahead and following a few simple tips for preparing for your move, you'll find that getting ready to move to your new home isn't as bad as you thought it would be.

1. Have a Packing Plan

Even though it may take a little extra time on the front end to organize your moving boxes, you'll be really glad that you did after the fact. By keeping track of what is inside each of your moving boxes, you'll avoid the stress of digging through ten different boxes to find something you need to locate right away.

Put a moving box in each room of your home when you start packing, and exert every effort to keep items that will go in the same room at your new house boxed together. The more you can group items together in the same way they will need to be unpacked, the less stressful the overall move will be. It's also a good idea to keep a list that details which items are enclosed in each box. The more details you have about what is in each box, the easier your move will be in the long run.

Make sure that each box is clearly labeled. You can write the room on the outside of the box, or color coordinate each labels. You may want to use a special color or marking on boxes that you know you will need to open and unpack right away.

Indicate what room the box came from by either writing the room on the outside of the box or by color coordinating your labels. For example, boxes packed with items from the bedroom get a blue label. For boxes you know you will need to open the first day you arrive, such as boxes containing sheets and towels, also mark them with a red label for easy identification.

2. Don't Procrastinate

If you wait until the last minute to start packing, you'll find yourself frantically throwing items into boxes and will be exhausted when the actual removalists turn up. It's in your best interest to start packing items you are not currently using several weeks before the day of your actual move. Even if you are hiring movers to handle the actual packing for you, it's a good idea to start early getting your belongings grouped together and ready for packing.

3. Get Rid of Things You Don't Use

Start packing the least organized parts of your house first. If you have a room or closet that is a designated junk area, start with that room. Use a discriminating eye when packing these areas, setting aside things you haven't used in a while to sell in a pre-moving yard sale or to donate to charity. Continue on with the same mindset as you attack the closets, drawers, and cabinets throughout your home. There is no good reason to pack and move things that no one in your household is likely to ever use again. Keep in mind that you are only wasting time, energy, and likely money if you take things that you aren't ever going to use to your new home with you. Remember the less the removalists have to move the quicker it will be done and the less they will charge you.

Author : Visit our website for one of the most experienced removalists in Sydney. Nick Jones has been doing removals, Sydney wide, for more then 20 years. Come and read what his customers have to say:

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The Basics About Steam Baths.

Steam baths were especially popular with the Greeks and Romans in ancient history. The use of steam baths quickly spread to Turkey, as well as Russia and Europe. Today, steam baths are installed at almost any place for people to use and enjoy at a reasonable cost.

The steam bath operates effectively at a relative humidity above 100% and at temperatures between 43°C (110°F) and 46°C (116°F). Hot Steam should be present permanently in a steam bath. To maintain the steam or mist, an efficient steam generator and an accurate control system is required. A steam-tight room or cabin is also important to avoid steam from escaping and wasting the steam produced.

Steam baths are a good way to relax and relieve an individual from stress. The heat alleviates pain and inflammation and relaxes the muscles. This is beneficial especially for people with arthritis or muscle aches. The heat dilates the air passageways of the lungs, facilitating effective breathing; this is a big relief to people suffering from asthma.

Steam baths are helpful in purifying and detoxifying our skin as the heat causes the increase of the flow of blood to the skin. During steam baths, adults are known to sweat out about 2 lbs of water per hour, this process helps get rid of dirt and filth from the skin pores. As a result the skin gives off a healthy glow.

While in a steam bath, a state of hyperthermia (above the normal state of 37.5 °C or 98.6ºF) is induced. This stimulates the functioning of an individual’s immune system, during this time the growth and multiplication of viruses and bacteria is forced to inhibit or slows down. Also, during this process, the generation of white blood cells is increased and the production of anti-bodies and cancer-fighting interferons speeds up.

Generally, steam heat decreases joints rigidity and muscular pain. It also increases blood circulation and extensibility of the tissues. It enhances total cleansing of the lymph system and is very effective in removing impurities and toxins from the skin. It improves vascular flow, thus enhancing the exchange of nutrient, and oxygen between tissues and cells. Recently, steam heat has been discovered to have a positive therapeutic effect to infectious diseases and cancer.

The optimum health benefits of steam baths can be obtained by observing the correct way of enjoying a steam bath. Here are the necessary steps:

To do so, you must take a shower prior to the first session. Your stay inside the steam bath should be according to your personal sensitivity, it is advised not to go beyond 15 to 20 minutes per session. If you find the heat unbearable, cool water or fresh air should be used in cooling off your skin. If you have cold feet, you may take a warm footbath. Never take more than 2 to 3 sessions in the steam bath. If other types of bath are available, you may switch from one to another but ensure that you are thoroughly cooled off after each session to avoid overtaxing your circulation.

Author : Jason Case writes articles for If you are looking for information on steam baths stop and in and check us out, for all the latest information on steam baths and steam showers for your home.

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Makeovers For The Kitchen.

The kitchen in a home is a gathering place for many families. To keep this space light and airy, a homeowner might spruce up the space by buying a new table styled to accommodate the growing number of family members. The kitchen can become a gracious place for guests to sit if new chairs are ordered from a factory, and while the family members are visiting they might talk about which style of table to replace the older model used in the home.

When the new table is fitted with high back chairs that curve gently at the middle, it might bring back happy times of growing up in the South. Bar stools could be placed at the counter to give children a place to visit and some bar stool back might make it seem like people are at a soda jerk hotspot and mingling like they were living in another era. Makeovers for the kitchen do not have to be expensive or require a lot of time to finish. A fresh vase of flowers each day could make the space fragrant and inviting to guests who like to visit year round.

The makeover efforts achieved for the home gardener could include windowsills where herbs could grow. This simple addition could turn the kitchen style from dark and dreary to bright and cheery in short time because many herb growing gardens slip right into place with no tools required. Foods will be more flavorful when this kitchen makeover is finished and the occupants of the home can benefit from the sun shining in the home keeping spirits high and invigorated at all times.

Major makeovers for a kitchen might result in new kitchen cabinetry or a new life for cabinets that have been in place for years. The homeowner might prefer to change things up a bit by choosing kitchen cabinets that feature more drawers and pantry's to store foods in. Custom made cabinets can accommodate special sized foods and give homemakers room to store home appliances when they are not being used. Clearing countertops of unused items is the quickest makeover for the kitchen spaces in a home.

Instead of replacing kitchen cabinets, some homeowners take a real quick route to achieving a new cabinet style by changing hardware on all drawers. The hardware might change direction to so that some disability needs are met by someone living in the home. A new entry way that includes a ramp will make a home more accessible to those that must travel with the aid of a wheelchair. A quick makeover of the present porch railing will allow people with disabilities to reach it when necessary.

While an expensive undertaking, homeowners often enjoy buying new home appliances to brighten up a new kitchen. The new aluminum styled metals will make kitchens seem regal and warming to visitors. Some cooks will feel like they are on top of the world when they explore the new ceramic surfaces that are offered on cooking stove tops. All of these little makeovers will create a space that the entire family can enjoy for years and when little makeovers are done throughout the year then major renovations are often avoided.

Author : James Brown writes about Ace Hardware discounts, coupon code and Hechinger Hardware promo code.

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